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goals and objectives

The goals and objectives of the advisory panel are to reflect the values and mission of Mommy Jerk Media [MJM], to determine the efficacy of competition applicants’ submitted concept plan, brand goals, ideas, and or business plan.

To attract competition/program sponsors and help MJM reach or exceed fundraising goals, to enable MJM to assist top female-founded and diverse new businesses at the vulnerable early stage of inception and beyond.

Advisory panel members will represent a cross section of businesses and industries. 

Diverse perspectives and experiences based on gender, race, ethnicity, geographic location, age, and other related qualities will be an important aspect in selecting members.

Advisory panel seats are a 6 week term with the opportunity for renewal based on their interest and involvement, at the discretion of the company stakeholders.

The advisory panel roles do not engage in decision making related to the company, personnel, budget, or internal policy-development. However their industry experience and feedback to improve is welcome and encouraged. 


Equitable and Humble

Inclusive and Diverse

Empathetic and Accountable


To empower and help grow female-founded and diverse startups by offering tools and support to establish new businesses, stabilize existing companies, generate sustainable profits, strategize for future growth, and contribute to the growth and economic development of their respective communities. 


    • Attend bi-weekly panel meetings and other events/functions as needed for the duration of competition and awards. 

    • Review all applicant pitch deck submissions to determine eligibility, program value alignment and the efficacy of the submitted concept plan, brand goals, ideas, and or business plan.

    • Assist in acquisition (when appropriate) of external funding and resources to aid in fundraising goals.
    • Review all applicant essays to determine eligibility, program value alignment, and the efficacy of the submitted concept plan, brand goals, ideas, and or business plan.
    • Provide support and advice to program participants
    • Serve as an ambassador and advocate for the brand and program, providing a connection to an ongoing exchange of information and ideas with changes, innovation and industry trends.
    • Review and vote to determine finalists. 


    Ability to listen, analyze, think clearly and creatively, work well with people individually and in a group and provide constructive feedback.

    A willingness to prepare for and attend board meetings, ask questions, share ideas, opinions, experiences, and open doors in the field.

    Demonstrates openness to differing views, a friendly, responsive, and patient approach; engagement skills; personal integrity; a developed sense of values; concern for and interest in the program’s development.


    The Advisory Panel is open for experienced volunteers who meet the aforementioned requirements and are good fit for the program. There is no formal compensation for advisory panel members. Costs related to travel (mileage, accommodations, and other expenses) are the responsibility of individual panel members.


    If you’d like to be considered for an open seat on our panel, please click below to complete the interest survey.

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