We are searching for outgoing and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors to represent Mommy Jerk Media.

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We don't want people to like Mommy Jerk. We want them to LOVE us!

Brand Ambassadors play a crucial role in any marketing and branding strategy.

Appearing as the face of the company, they are seen as reliable and trustworthy sources regarding the brands that they personify.

They increase the credibility of a brand for consumers as they provide with the truest testimony of a product.

The customers begin to feel associated with the brand because of the popular face they remember, even if they do not remember the brand name or advertisement. 

In the process, the brand ambassadors, too, develop an emotional connect with the brand they represent, and this goes on to create a ripple effect of loyalty.

There is no other marketing technique capable of promoting and representing a brand, service or product like Brand Ambassadors do.

They develop and maintain a positive company image by efficiently interacting with consumers.

They humanise the brand and help in enriching the buying experience of the customer as some of them prefer buying products directly from a person rather than from a ‘faceless’ brand.

With the help of positive a word-of-mouth technique, brand ambassadors increase brand awareness within and outside their circle. Their robust online reach and professional affiliations within the industry make it easy for them to spread the word in favor of the brand.

Social networking plays a crucial role when it comes to popularizing a brand and therefore a brand ambassador helps in increasing the market reach of the brand.

What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

The number one objective is to create a fun and memorable experience for consumers.


  • Initiate word-of-mouth
  • Create and Post Instagram Reels + Stories
  • Engage in Feed Comments
  • Use Influence to Invite and Encourage New Followers
  • Share and Promote Content


  • Sampling and Product Demos
  • Distribute Marketing Material
  • Sticker Bombing
  • Spark Word-of-Mouth
  • Increase Brand Awareness by Using/Wearing Branded Items. 

    Commissions on Leads

    We use a commission structure to incentivise our ambassadors who help us build our brand. 

    The commission structure varies for each individual and the products/services the lead purchases/contracts for. Brand Ambassadors are paid on the leads they generate. The more leads brought in, the greater the earning potential. 


    Equitable and Humble

    Inclusive and Diverse

    Empathetic and Accountable


    A Love of Learning

    As an ambassador, you have to remain on top of what your brand stands for and delivers to customers. A big part of your job is also learning about your competition. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will make it easier for you to make a strong argument for your brand.

    Social Media/Content Savvy

    One of the biggest and best platforms brand ambassadors have is social media. The ideal Brand Ambassador should already have a pretty sizeable and active social following.

    You should be knowledgeable with social trends, and proficient with how to optimize and generate online content.

    Genuine interest in the brand

    Good Brand Ambassadors are the ones who can embody the feel of the brand. This can only happen when the representative has a genuine interest in the brand, have been following it in the past or have been customers themselves. They must have a deep knowledge of the brand, because their excitement about the brand will only lead to consumers’ excitement.

    Interaction with public

    Brand ambassadors should be outgoing people. They should be friendly, warm and inviting, and should love interacting with the people of all ages and backgrounds. They put a face with the name, therefore, making it easier for the customers to ask questions and give suggestions about the brand.


    A good Brand Ambassador must stand out from the rest. They must have the spark that adds life to the brand one represents, by devising one’s own methods of marketing that are unique and fun.

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    If this sounds like you, or you know someone who might be a perfect fit, complete our interest survey or send to a friend today!

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