We invite female owned and gender-diverse startups from all over the US to participate in our Pitch Competition. Participants must be age 18 or older at the time of entry submission. 

$5 Non-Refundable Application Fee to Enter.

If you’d like to enter, please click below to complete the application and submit your work.




If you require additional options for competition accessibility, please reach out to us directly for assistance.


$5 Non-Refundable Application Fee to Enter.

Presentations should be saved in a PDF format or shared link for digital versions, and submitted using the online form or mail a post marked printed copy to:

Mommy Jerk Media 
Essay and Pitch Competition
300 S. Main Street, Suite 212, Holly Springs, NC 27540.

***Do not email entries***

Each participant can submit one entry for consideration.

FORMAT AND CONTENT: Pitch Decks should include the vision, product, or idea. The value it brings or a solution to a problem. The business model, pricing, and projection of annual sales goals. Who you plan to target or the demographic you serve. A list of competitors and how you or you product/services are different. How you plan to reach that demographic. Your business parters (if any), team members or any investors. A brief summary of your financial situation.

OPTIONAL FORMAT AND CONTENT: Include an Executive summary and any additional information relative to the following:

The Vision and Value Proposition
The Problem
The Solution
The Revenue or Business Model
Target Market
Traction and Validation/Roadmap
Marketing and Sales Strategy
All Financials (Projections, Debt, and Investors for Startups, Last 3 Years for Existing Businesses)
ELIGIBILITY: All Participants must be Legal US Citizens. Existing US based and businesses in need of a brand revamp where the majority of stakeholders are women or 100% woman owned businesses. Female founded US based startups where the majority of ownership belongs to women.
LANGUAGE: Content should be written and presented in english. Participants are welcome to write their content and presentation in their native language (if not english), but it must be translated into english for submission.

WINNERS: Our panel of advisors will review and judge all entries.  The Pitch competition advisory panel makes the final decisions collectively and has the authority to offer more or fewer awards in any given year, including the possibility of selecting no winner in a particular age group.

Winning applicants and those receiving honorable mention will be featured on our website, alongside a brief profile, picture of the team members/founders, along with a published copy of the winning concept summary. 

EVALUATION CRITERIA: Piitch decks, presentations, and vieo submissions will be evaluated subjectively using the following critera:

ADDRESSES PROMPT: The pitch/ presentation effectively takes into account, the topic of the contest.

FOCUS: The thesis/main message is clear and supported throughout. The presentation does not stray from the required content.

ORGANIZATION & STRUCTURE: The presentation is organized and easy to read.

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